Hypnosis Testimonials

"Lisa and Patrick are awesome!  They provide a loving space and are experts in making you fell safe, loved, and comfortable.  This experience was all new to me as I have only recently become enlightened to a few of the metaphysical subjects.  In my session, I experienced a past life and met one of my angels!!! It was an incredible journey for me and has brought more clarity and appreciation for my current life.  It was a great experience and hope you will have an opportunity to experience it soon!” – Janet Stafford, OH

“A great Experience!  My hypnosis experience with Patrick and Lisa was enjoyable and enlightening!  This was my first time doing hypnosis and they made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.  They really know how to create a safe and comforting space.  I was not sure what to expect but I was WOWED with the information that came out of my hypnosis!  It is truly a neat experience whether you’re just curious or wanting to get to the bottom of an issue.  Thank you both for this great experience; I am most grateful!” --David Howard, OH

"Thank you Lisa and Patrick!! Love you both.   I finally have a sense of peace through a greater understanding of life events.   After years of searching you both have given me that."--Janine Cole, IN

"Lisa & Patrick will lovingly & safely guide you on a beautiful journey of inner healing that will make your soul sing! Thank you both for helping me to navigate these intense energies.  Much love to you both.” –Lisa Ingalls, OH

Discovering Your Psychic Self Class Testimonials

“I cannot extol the benefits of Lisa’s Psychic Development classes and workshops enough. If you find yourself on a spiritual path and are interested in advancing your psychic skills or are
merely interested in various subjects, I would highly recommend these classes and workshops. Lisa presents them in a way that gives each person a chance to participate, take an active part, and have questions answered in a safe and loving environment.  Besides learning, you find yourself making many new friends with like interests.  Thank you Lisa, for helping me remember to follow my inner guidance, connect with my "psychic self" and stay true to myself and my beliefs.” – Psychic Development Class Student

"I am honored to have been part of Lisa’s first Psychic development class.  The class was fun, inspiring and very informative.  Lisa is a great teacher and friend who truly cares about people.  She helped me to feel more of the special connection we all have with Spirit. Not only was the class helpful in developing my psychic skills and awareness, it also expanded on my spiritual experiences.   To be honest I never felt like I was psychic or could be psychic. I thought this was reserved for a select gifted few.  During the course of the class I discovered that not only does Everyone have the ability to be psychic but I also discovered I already was an Empath and Claircognizant.  For me these abilities do not appear overnight but are already part of us and with discovery and  practice I can expand them to a greater capacity.  I thank Lisa for giving me the confidence and knowledge to better myself and discover these wonderful talents we all  have access to.  She is a very gifted psychic and teacher but to me her  biggest strength is her heart. It is an absolute pleasure to know Lisa, many thanks"  Psychic Development Class Student, David Howard, Columbus, OH

"Lisa’s personal story is such an inspiration, the epic triumph over following societal expectations to realize that Universal guidance had even bigger plans!  Her classes/workshops have transformed my life in such a very positive way.  Even though I awakened long ago, I, too, was still on the journey society had laid out for me, but Lisa’s story touched me and gave me the strength to remember to look within to a higher form of guidance.  In Lisa's psychic development classes I learned to re-trust my intuition and "psychic self" and further develop my own connection to be led moment by moment to my true purpose.  Lisa provides a loving and safe environment for people new to spiritual growth as well as advanced courses for those looking to continue to hone their psychic skills.  Because of Lisa’s classes and advice, I have again started to follow my inner guidance to allow each moment unfold as it happens.  Lisa is a loving teacher, guide, friend, and a reminder to us all that, anything is possible if we just listen to our own inner wisdom and Universal guidance.” – Psychic Development Class Student, Alison, Columbus, OH

"I decided to take Lisa's Psychic Development class to enhance my gifts. What I got out if the class was so much more.  Lisa taught us so many different modalities that were new to me. She showed me that I can not only enhance the gifts I have, but I can gain new skills with practice.  Through the class, I also developed new everyday coping skills that were appreciated by the people in my life.  Also, I became friends with the other class members.  I feel like I have gained a new community, and all around life enhancement through her class. I would recommend it to anyone and would love to take it again." -- Psychic Development Class Student, Jen Paul, Columbus, OH

"I took Lisa's 'Discovering Your Psychic Self Class'.  I really enjoyed it and learned so much.  Lisa knows her stuff; she did an excellent job of answering questions.  She created a friendly, comfortable environment and was very encouraging.  The exercises and homework she had us do really helped me develop my intuition.  She also provided great material and book suggestions for us to continue studying and developing our skills on our own.  It was a wonderful experience and I feel it was money well spent." -- Psychic Development Class Student, Erin S., Columbus, OH

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"The river of love flows to you and through you. Allow yourself to bathe in that love and accept this divine gift of love and light that is rightly yours...always!!!"

Channeled spirit message by Lisa Noland-Shalosky,

Psychic Medium

"I'm so blessed to have meet you. Your work makes life so much better and makes the idea of death a subject to be celebrated and not feared!" -- Pamela Kaiser, Columbus, OH

"I just wanted to reach out to thank you for reading me a few months ago. Things have been going so much better since then!!! I have had such an unbelievable amount of peace in my life. I ended up getting a new job which was half the battle. Thank you for everything!!!"  -- Krista S., OH

"My first reading with Lisa was one of the best readings I've ever had. She has such an open way about her. It was like talking with a very wise old friend who can tell you what you need to hear & leave you feeling encouraged & with a whole new bag of tools! She brought through my best friend , who I've really missed talking to, & left me laughing at shared jokes. My head was spinning for days after, with all the insight & information in this reading. I will definitely be back for more!"-- Lisa Ingalls, OH

"I received a reading from Lisa and I must say she has helped me through so much, I highly believe she is a blessing. Her ability to do what she does is amazing and truly real. Thanks so much Lisa!" -- Malaitong Chea, OH

"Thank you Lisa for sharing your amazing gift with me tonight. As difficult as it was, the clarity and validation proved comforting." -- Julie Hoag, OH

"Lisa Noland is the *real* deal and such a lovely person. Would recommend her and see her again and again . . ."  Melinda Moore, KY

"Lisa is an amazing soul. Through love and compassion she is guided by Spirit with messages of love light and wisdom.  As a Reiki Master Teacher of an International Reiki School it has been an honor knowing Lisa and working with her. A true compassionate insightful Psychic!"
 --  Rev. Rose Fier (Reiki Rose Healing Arts), IN

 "I had the pleasure of meeting and having a reading with Lisa today at The Victory of Light Expo. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but ended up getting everything I needed. Lisa, my outlook has completely changed because of time spent with you and I am forever grateful for the messages I received today. I can't speak highly enough of you! Thank You!!" -- Bobbi Baker, OH

"As this year almost comes to a end I can say with great confidence 2014 will be a dandy. Lisa, God and the Angels brought you into my life and you have single handedly help guide me through some dark hours and teach me so much about myself. I consider you a life coach, spiritual advisor, an Angel and a friend. I wish the very best for you in 2014 and always. May your years be as blessed as you have made mine in the last four months. I cherish and appreciate you! Thank you Lisa!" -- Leigh Everett, OH

"You did a reading for me and 4 other of my friends who are flight attendants the other day. I just wanted to thank you again for your help and guidance when you spoke to us. Your gift is beautiful and incredible that has the power to REALLY raise spirits to cry with joy and faith. With every fiber of my very being Lisa, thank you. Thank you for reconfirming that what I have been feeling is real. Thank you for giving such light and love to my friends. Thank you for believing in all of us. The gift that you have has the power to change hearts and souls to raise up to the highest level of greater good." -- Eukeria O., Columbus, OH

"I chanced upon Lisa at a Readers Day & immediately noticed how present & open she was. It was clearly a pure joy to her to be of service. I brought some deep wounds with me & Lisa read the situation with such acquity. She immedately knew this was a matter beyond words & choice. She cupped her hands & acted as a vessel while I "poured out" the pain of my past experience...She took that energy all in with such love & awareness as to the magical role she was playing. As a reader/counselor I was so impressed with the way she graciously gave from the heart. I look back & feel so much healing took place by being so powerfully witnessed. Thank you Lisa, truly." -- Jenny Sieck, OH - Inner Voice Intuitive Guidance & Sacred Braceles Intuitive Designs

"I have had an individual reading with Lisa and it was awesome.  She has a strong connection to spirit and is able to give the most needed message.  Although I had come to her with some questions, she helped me to see there were underlying issues that I need to attend to first.  She taught me that if I can solve those issues other things I want will fall into place.  The second time that I saw Lisa she was holding a group channel.  The energy in the room was amazing and calming all at the same time.  I felt connected to her and the rest of the group.  I feel that is a testament to her desire to connect to people and give them the support and help. I believe she helped me and everyone in the room with their own questions and connection to spirit.  I left the event with new friends and connections, and a better sense of who I am."  -- Jen P. Columbus, OH

"Hi Lisa, just wanted to say that your impromtu reading during our meeting at Serendipity Stables was exactly in synch with the path I followed. You told me that the energies in San Diego were good for me. Well, I moved to San Diego last fall to be reunited with my sweetheart, my first love. It is as you said. Your reading really gave me the courage to stay on my path and follow my heart."  -- Lou P., CA

"My experience with Lisa was very powerful! I have spoken to psychics before but never to a medium and since my sister passed years before I was anxious to see what would happen. My sister did indeed come through and with Lisa's help I was able to have some answsers to things I had always wondered about since my sisters passing. We cried together, we laughed together again for the brief moments Lisa helped us to share with one another, it was wonderful!  I was also able to meet Gaia, Mother Earth, channeled through Lisa....what an incredible blessing!!! That was an experience I will never ever forget! I feel much more connected to the earth again since my meeting with Gaia. I feel special and beautiful again. The experience was indeed a game changer for me.  The energy that Lisa shared with me was so wonderful and I cannot thank her enough for sharing her gift with me and others like me!!!" -- Mandy J, OH

"I want to thank you for allowing me to learn from you and become a different person. Your guidance along with my mother's has become so positively influential I don't think I would have gotten through the last 7 months. You help me draw strength and inner peace and I have learned to love myself through my times of weakness. I think the world of you and I am so excited to continuously learn from you. Thank you Lisa" -- Leigh E., OH

"I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa over the past few months and have created a strong bond and kinship with her. While I have talked with other psychics in the past, I've never experienced the deep sense of comfort and encouragement that I have since meeting Lisa. Lisa's compassionate nature and her guidance have helped me to grow and explore the depths of my mind, feelings, and emotions. More than a reading into what's to come, Lisa is able to impart insight into her readings and always maintains a balanced and open approach to connecting you with your higher self. I always leave my sessions with her feeling energizing, renewed, and centered and have found great inner peace through working with her. She is a truly talented spiritualist and a great friend!"  -- Cat L., Columbus, OH

"I met Lisa through a mutual friend, I had no idea what to expect when I set up my first appointment with her. And was I surprised! Lisa helped me realize my true calling as a writer and what my path in life should be. She had come in my apartment that I just had moved into and she told me my dog Bella needs to hear that I will be back soon. I was shocked that she had told me that because I had been having issues with my dog Bella since I moved there with her barking until I came back home. Since that meeting Lisa and I have become great friends and I know when ever I need to ask a question if I am on the right path she will know and tell me. Luckily for me, I didn't just find a great psychic but a great friend as well! "  -- Christy G., Columbus, OH

"Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Lisa Noland.  She has truly changed my life in so many ways, through her ability to guide with spirit and her amazing and beautiful energy, she has a gift that allows people to see within themselves their own divine journey.  Lisa is not only a guide through spirit her soul and generosity through love will change you as a person.  Lisa's presence can only make you smile and see the world in a whole new light.  Lisa is the definition of love and how to life a life of love and gratitude.  Her guidance have lead me on the most amazing journey and because of Lisa and her true gift I am a better person.  I cannot say enough about Lisa and how she opened my eyes to a beautiful life."  -- Liz B., Columbus, OH.

"Thank you so much for the reading and gifts you gave me this past Friday. You really helped me sort out some of my guilt issues as well as give me lots of advice on handling issues with my thoughts. The breathing technique you showed me was awesome too!! Thank you for being so kind." -- Jennifer M., Columbus, OH.

"Lisa is a unique individual, one of the kindest, caring people I have ever met. Too many, she is a true friend, but to me she is beyond that. She did readings for my daughter and me while we were in Columbus, Ohio. The setting was informal, she put us at ease and began interacting with us. After the session was over, both of us were crying with tears of happiness. The things she told us were true and helped both of us come to grips with who we are and why we do the things we do. It was and incredible experience for both of us. The icing on the cake was when we went outside, there was biggest most beautiful rainbow in the sky that we had ever seen. This brought special meaning to both my daughter and I. Lisa, thank you so much."  --Larry, Kansas City, MO.

"I have had readings before Lisa, but I must say I've never felt a connection before I met Lisa and the great work she does.  I remember asking her about my grandma, (only one I have a relationship with)....but when Lisa started talking to me, much to my surprise, it was my grandmother whom I've not seen since I was 15 and had passed away 5 years ago.  Lisa could not have known anything about her, yet she told me things that only my family knows. Lisa is not just someone who speaks to the spirit world, but she is one of the most loving and genuine people I've ever met....and I'm a better person because of her!"  In my thoughts always, --Donna Miller, NC.

"Lisa is possesed of a rare gift, generously given to anyone wise enough to receive it.  If you have found this site, you are more than halfway to her other  'sight' as visionary and medium.  I recommend Lisa to anyone who truly seeks to connect with the invisibles;  past, present and future.  With Lisa, the spirits wisely broke the mold--and we all benefit."  --Nancy L Segal;  Author Nancy's Truth©, Phoetics ™

"Lisa is such a beautiful spirit….she continues to amaze me with her insight and always manages to bring me to a place of peace and balance…trusting beyond my own understanding.   She has a gift…and IS a gift." -- Joan S., OH

"Lisa is truly one of a kind.  When I met her I felt an instant connection as well as a huge energy pull.  Once I sat down for a reading with her, hoping to get some guidance on some decisions I needed to make and a family friend came through asking to speak with me.  I had never mentioned this friend to Lisa, and hadn't thought about her in a while.  Lisa immediately said her name and chills went right through me. Speaking to Lisa always gives me a sense of peace and helps redirect me to my purpose. I refer all my friends and family to Lisa so I wanted to share here on the website as well!"  --Allison S., CO.

"One of my best friends had been passed away for 14 years when I had my first reading with Lisa. When she told me a male was with us I assumed it was my Papa who I had hoped would show up. When Lisa started describing me "cheersing" with a pint glass I knew it was my friend Ronald Cooper who had passed away of a heart attack at the age of 35 and whom we had just had our 14th fundraiser for. I teared up immediately and couldn't believe he finally had come to say hello! She described him and how he loved children, how he dislikes pictures of him at my favorite pub, and said he'd always be a thorn in my side. Lisa gave me the most meaningful reading I've ever had and I own a metaphysical shop!" --Melanne McAnally, OH